About OptaHaul.

Route Optimisation Software for the Dairy Industry

OptaHaul is the only route optimisation software on the market dedicated to the unique needs of dairy production. Built with and for the dairy industry, the OptaHaul software platform helps transport operators to reduce costs and carbon emissions through accurate route optimisation and planning

OptaHaul will provide many benefits to your milk haulage operations:

  • Reduce milk collection transport costs and carbon emissions 
  • Increase production capacities by linking milk collection to factory production requirements
  • Plan for changes to milk supply before it happens and make data driven decisions to maintain efficiencies
  • Reduce back office workload related to planning, optimisation, reporting and tracking of milk collection transport
  • Improve service levels for your suppliers, hauliers, factories and customers
Route Optimisation Software for the Dairy Industry

How OptaHaul Helps the Environment

OptaHaul’s mission is to help the agri-food industry to reduce its carbon footprint by minimising vehicle GHG emissions produced from supply chain transportation activities. OptaHaul clients achieve this by using our state of the art route optimisation software to calculate the most optimal route plans for their transport operations.

For every kilometre OptaHaul takes off the road, approximately 1.5kg of CO2 is saved. Just a 5% increase in routing efficiency for a small-mid size milk collection fleet, for example, would take approx 325 tons of CO2 off the road each year

OptaHaul reduces GHG

This is equivalent to:

  • GHG emissions from 700 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year
  • GHG emissions from 8,067,168 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle 
  • CO2 emissions from 395,338,600 smartphones being charged
  • CO2 emissions from burning 3,595,830 pounds of coal
  • Carbon sequestered from 53,739 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

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