Route Optimisation for
Dairy Processors & Cooperatives

Accurately predict transport costs and efficiency

Using advanced mathematical algorithms to automatically calculate optimal route plans, OptaHaul ensures you have full visibility of transport costs, tanker utilisation and driving efficiency.

Reduce administrative work and dependence on human knowledge

No more managing multiple excel spreadsheets or relying on texts and phone calls to drivers and hauliers. OptaHaul records and tracks all information about your suppliers, vehicles and factories in an easy to understand interface so you can access the data you need any time, from any location.

Track and report carbon emissions KPIs

Using an industry standard formula for calculating CO2 emissions users of OptaHaul can manage and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint associated with milk collection transport.

Plan for changes using what-if analysis and cost modelling

Instantly make changes to plans and understand the related cost implications before they happen. Unlimited what-if scenarios allow users to model changes to plans resulting from factory downtime, vehicle issues, milk amount variances or even traffic issues.

Visualise route plans on an interactive map

Using embedded interactive mapping technology OptaHaul provides a visual representation of optimised routes, actual routes, supplier locations and factory locations. In addition, users can manually add or remove unsuitable roads and farm access restrictions to ensure the most accurate optimisation results.

Compare actual routes against optimised routes

Using OptaHaul’s interactive map users can clearly compare actual routes taken by trucks against optimised routes. This makes it easy for milk collection schedulers to identify inefficiencies and provides transport managers and hauliers with reliable data for negotiations with hauliers.

Augment to suit local conditions

Modern cloud technology underpinning the OptaHaul platform provides the ability to augment route maps to add and remove unsuitable roads and include farm access restrictions where relevant. This flexibility to include local conditions in optimisation plans sets OptaHaul apart from other dairy logistics solutions.

Integrate with your existing technology

The OptaHaul product is platform agnostic so it can easily integrate to your existing software or hardware.  Save time and reduce the risk of human error by integrating OptaHaul with your Milk Intake system, ERP system, MES and Fleet Telematics system.

Achieve ROI quickly with simple set up

Legacy logistics software requires significant up front IT hardware costs and lengthy implementation times resulting in a significant delay to ROI (if achieved).  OptaHaul’s Software as a Service platform eliminates capital expenditure and is operational in a fraction of the time. 

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