Optimising Logistics for Milk Hauliers

Reduce transport costs and increase resource efficiency

OptaHaul uses advanced algorithms to help milk hauliers to automatically calculate lowest cost route plans to ensure you have full visibility of transport costs, tanker utilisation and driving efficiency.

Lower administrative workloads

Remove the need for multiple excel spreadsheets or relying on texts and phone calls to drivers and hauliers. OptaHaul solution records and tracks all information about your haulage company’s suppliers, vehicles and factories in an easy to understand interface so you can access the information you need any time, from any location.

Carbon emissions tracking and reporting

Our milk haulier solution will use the industry standard formulator to calculate the CO2 emissions on the planned routes. It can be used to manage and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint associated with milk collection transport.

Plan ahead for changes and bid for new business

Run multiple versions of plans to understand the cost implications of changes before they happen. Bid for new business using reliable data while maximising margin.

Create visual route plans on an interactive map

Embedded interactive map to provide a visual representation of optimised routes, actual routes, supplier locations and factory locations. Transport planners can also manually add or remove unsuitable roads and access restrictions to ensure the most accurate optimisation results.

Actual routes vs optimised routes

Schedulers can use OptaHaul’s interactive map to compare actual routes taken by the fleet against optimised routes. This makes it easy for milk collection schedulers to identify inefficiencies and provides transport managers and milk hauliers with reliable data for negotiations with hauliers.

Adjust to suit local conditions

The OptaHaul platform provides the ability to adjust route maps to add and remove unsuitable roads and include access restrictions where relevant. This flexibility to include local conditions in optimisation plans.

Existing technology integration

Cloud-native technology makes it simple to connect OptaHaul to your existing systems. Hauliers can save time and reduce the risk of human error by integrating OptaHaul with your Telematics system and mobile driver apps.

Quick set up and return on investment

Legacy logistics software requires significant up front IT hardware costs and lengthy implementation times resulting in a significant delay to ROI (if achieved).  Due to OptaHaul being a SaaS platform it eliminates capital expenditure and is operational in a fraction of the time.

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