OptaHaul Route Optimisation Software for Milk Collection

Route Optimisation Software for Dairy Logistics

OptaHaul was created to help dairy processors, cooperatives and hauliers to face the many challenges in milk collection, which extend far beyond choosing the shortest route. Factors other than the distance of the route must be considered.

Our route optimisation software provides for all the different variables that can affect milk production, such as calving, weather and seasonality. The management of changing milk requirements at processing factories can be updated within the system; Farm access restrictions are tracked which influence the types of milk trucks they are able to accept. 

Collection and offloading times at farms and factories are taken into account, as well as delays in production or indeed traffic congestion. This data is entered into the software, to minimise the occurrence of late arrivals, which can cause customer dissatisfaction.

Many, if not all, of these industry concerns, can be eliminated or controlled with accurate route optimisation and planning. OptaHaul route planning software gives you the power to proactively manage your milk transport so that you can reduce costs, increase efficiency and decrease carbon emissions.

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