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Why now is the time for Route Optimisation software

A client in the agri-food industry recently asked the following question, the answer to which was extremely important for him : ‘’How is the OptaHaul solution delivered, please tell me it does not need to be installed on our hardware?’’ Having reassured the client by explaining our cloud delivery model, he went on to elaborate. …

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6 Benefits of Digitising the Dairy Supply Chain

dairy supply chain

A recent Harvard Business Review report finds that only 8% of companies have achieved digital maturity across key components of supply chain operations such as logistics, demand planning and supplier risk management. The technology industry loves buzzwords, none more so than ‘digitisation’, ‘digital transformation’ or ‘digitalisation’ and the supply chain management software sector is no …

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Tackling carbon emissions in the food supply chain

carbon emissions in food supply chain

A recent study from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) tells us that the food supply chain in many countries is on course to overtake farming and land use as the largest contributor to greenhouse gases (GHGs) from the agri-food system.  While many associate agri-food emissions with processes within the farm gate – such …

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Managing rising milk haulage costs

milk haulage costs

As truck driver shortages and supply chain vulnerabilities continue to dominate media coverage, haulage operations – already operating on tight profit margins – face increasing haulage costs.  Milk hauliers are no different and are forced to increase salaries to retain and recruit drivers while ensuring that every drop of raw milk is collected and delivered …

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New Feature Release

OptaHaul New Feature OptaMap

Many road users know the perils of following navigation apps to the letter.  Those who have been directed down narrow roads on the ‘quickest’ route to a destination will understand that the shortest distance is not always the quickest route.  What can be a frustrating experience for the casual driver can have more serious repercussions …

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Why plan truck routes?

truck routes optahaul

Truck route planning and optimisation is a challenging task which, if done wrong, can have expensive consequences. A wrong turn could mean a big increase in distance travelled which means increased fuel consumption, costs and carbon emissions. A badly planned route could result in a large vehicle making its way through a small town with …

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OptaHaul in the media

Our CEO Gary Gallagher was recently interviewed on Ireland’s Newstalk Radio!  In case you missed it, listen back below to Gary’s chat with Gavin McLoughlin from Newstalk’s Business Breakfast show.  The guys discuss how OptaHaul is helping dairy hauliers and processors with the unique challenges they face when  planning milk collection. To learn more about …

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OptaHaul Release 1.3

The latest OptaHaul release provides new features designed to help dairy companies, hauliers and suppliers further simplify their respective milk collection tasks all within one cloud software platform. Notifications Suppliers can now receive an automated email or SMS notifying them of planned collection times for the coming period, for example – the following week. This …

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Milk Collection Planning Tips

Transport managers and milk hauliers are finding new ways to run milk collection planning and transport more efficiently. Ensuring transportation operations are making the most efficient use of vehicles, fuel and drivers is a top priority.  Here are some tips that will help you to achieve that goal. Automate route planning.  Routing optimisation software can …

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Solutions to plan and optimise milk collection routes

plan and optimise milk collection

There are many solutions the dairy industry uses to plan and optimise milk collection routes. Here are some of the popular options:-  Excel and Google Maps‍ Excel is widely available and easy to use with no significant training required (yes we all admit to using Google to help with some of the tricky stuff).  Excel …

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