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The latest OptaHaul release provides new features designed to help dairy companies, hauliers and suppliers further simplify their respective milk collection tasks all within one cloud software platform.


Suppliers can now receive an automated email or SMS notifying them of planned collection times for the coming period, for example – the following week. This will keep suppliers aligned with route plans and ensure a smooth turnaround for milk trucks during collections.

Transport planners are also getting new notifications. Each time their optimised plans have been calculated by the OptaHaul algorithm, users will receive a text or email. This has been a much requested feature, especially from users running larger plans who want to continue with other tasks while OptaHaul is working its magic.

Haulier route view

As well as the customary excel plan exports, planners can now provide hauliers and drivers with a digital link to view their assigned routes on a map user interface.

RoutePlan Calendar

Transport planners now have a dedicated route plan calendar to schedule and track implemented plans. With this new feature, users always know what plan is currently in place and will be able to review historical plans to identify trends and spot new areas for improvement.

And there’s more!

  • Minimum milk¬†amount for larger suppliers
  • Maximum route length
  • Vehicle-supplier assignment
  • Fixed routes pre-selection
  • Optional optimisation of factory waiting times

To learn more about the latest updates or to see the entire platform in action, request a demo today.

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