Why plan truck routes?

Truck route planning and optimisation is a challenging task which, if done wrong, can have expensive consequences. A wrong turn could mean a big increase in distance travelled which means increased fuel consumption, costs and carbon emissions. A badly planned route could result in a large vehicle making its way through a small town with heavy traffic, resulting in long delays. Finding a way to avoid such issues is invaluable to transport operators, drivers and of course the customers awaiting deliveries and collections.

The importance of well-planned, accurate routing should not be underestimated. Some roads may be too small for a truck to navigate. Others might suit an empty truck fine but should not be used by a truck with a full payload.  Conversely, a truck navigating a steep incline may require a certain amount of weight to gain traction whereas an empty truck, which cannot gain traction, may not make it to the top.

Don’t take a wrong turn, plan routes accurately.

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